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New Beginnings

I've always been a back and forth type of person, always running 100 mph between new ideas and incomplete things

Really its kind of a blessing in disguise, you tend to forget that it takes a lot of trying before you get to the right place & usually certain people give up. In my case, I just reverted back to what made me choose graphic design in the first place... Art.   I follow a lot of amazing people on social media specifically to see how they grow and adapt & to appreciate the amount of hard work they put into each piece, its always so humbling to watch & read them.  

Recently I've followed my gut towards something that just created a whole bunch of joy in my life & I think its the important part of a person's life, we feel so confused trying to figure out who we are so its hard to grasp hold of something that makes us happy. We tend to change our values, adapting them to those around us when in reality we just love those who love us back no matter what. So what made is it that made me so happy that it created a certain balance in my life? Doodling mostly!

This is pretty fresh as you can see, I've only made three videos so far with a fourth one planned for November, but I must say its really enjoyable. I lose myself in this crazy world for about 1 h 30 and just do whatever I want and I love the outcome.

I've also taken the time to buy a tablet, get a new computer and just realign myself in general threw out this process, I love graphic design but its a very chaotic world without much respect in general for what we do or the value. While art is the same I feel by creating merchandise and simply going at my rhythm is more enjoyable for the time being.

Will I go back to graphic design at some point? Probably, I'd love to further my knowledge in web design mostly, but for now I'm really only going to do what makes me happy while learning to rediscover myself as an individual. I feel like its important to live for yourself & I've lost track of that fact over the years with numerous toxic situations. I have to re learn basically everything that you usually grow up making mistakes about. Sometimes its super easy & sometimes its not, you're constantly battling yourself in your head wondering if this is the right thing or if its not.

Whats important at the end of the day is remembering something you enjoyed was done today, minus the job, the stress or the bills, you did something that made you happy at least once. That's what I hold on to, it's  what I was taught to hold on to anyways & in my opinion it's pretty accurate, don't you think?  With all of that said, let me leave you with my most recent piece which is Poppy the Cat. She'll be around for Christmas as well, I'm pretty sure of it!